• Maine Coon Katze Jamaika Kiss of Pegasuscastle

Champion Jamaika Kiss of Pegasuscastle

first name: Maika | Pedigree / Pawpeds
day of birth: 31.Juli 2011 | color: black-tabby / mc-white (takes a bleaching middle, Nonagouti) | MCO n0923
mother: Champion Brunhilde of Pegasuscastle | father: Cadebos Flash Goron

health status

FeLV negative | FIV negative | SMA N/N | PK Def. N/N | HCM MybPC3 A31P (swab) N/N
01.08.2013 HCM sonic: negative | PKD / liver sonic: negative | HD x-ray: 0/0 negative
21.10.2014 HCM sonic: negative | 13.10.2016 HCM sonic: negative

The Maine Coon cat Jamaika Kiss of Pegasuscastle, called Maika, moved in our cattery Maine Coon Castle on December 9th, 2011.

Maika is a sportive, curious little whirlwind. She loves her new home and started discovering our house already at her first day. King Leo spended a lot of time to explain her the “new” rules in our cattery. Maika is well-socialized and she became a valuable member of our family.

Maika's parents from the cattery Pegasuscastle are beautiful Maine Coons. Maika shows the typical Maine Coon characteristics as well and most of the time she is everybody’s darling in our cattery Maine Coon Castle.

Maika turned into a wonderful Maine Coon with a fancy, soft fur. Her bushy tail is marvellous. Furthermore Maika is the heart of our family. She is the one who cares about new cats in our cattery. Maika is a loving mother and she looks for her babies all the time. Maika's Maine Coon babies are very well educated and distinctive and for this reason perfect for every cat lover.

 Maikas’s litters: litter Alitter G | litter Q | litter C1

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