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Int. Champion Jonny of Brenda´s Garden

first name: Jonny | Pedigree / Pawpeds | status: neuter
day of birth: 29.07.2013 | color: blue | MCO a
mother: CH. Usra of Secret Schatz | father: World Ch. Linus of CatSkill Mountains

health status

FeLV negative | FIV negative | SMA NA | PK Def. N/PK | HCM MybPC3 A31P N/N
24.06.2014 HCM sonic: negative | PKD / liver sonic: negative | HD x-ray: 0/0

The Maine Coon male cat Jonny of Brenda’s Garden moved to the cattery Maine Coon Castle at the 9th November 2013.

Jonny has a tight body on high and strong legs. The well-placed ears and also the prominent mouth stand for a very typeful representative of his race. Jonny is very self-confident and can establish oneself. Our big „blue boy“ King Leo shows him the rules in our house. It is a pleasure to watch them play. Jonny is a handsome blue Maine Coon prince. Foxy and Jonny developed into very good friends and stuck on eachother.

Update 29th July 2015:
Jonny developed into a very muscular and splendid male cat with unique profile. Jonny is Daddy’s Boy and likes to cuddle. The friendship between Jonny and Foxy turned into acceptance for eachother. From time to time they play one of their power games. Jonny is proven in his position as breeding cat and sired typeful and awesome kitten.

Update 14th June 2016:
Jonny moved out to his on Udo. With Doreen,her family and a kitten of Jonny he will spend his future life. Jonny, Daddy’s boy, I wish you all the best. I hope you will all have a great and long time together.

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