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European Champion King Leo of Miriquidi Coons

first name: Leo | Pedigree / Pawpeds | status: neuter
day of birth: 24.10.2010 | color: blue smoke | MCO as
mother: Champion Quandra of Delia's Castle | father: Great Internat. Champion PL* Duch Nocy Kimba

health status

FeLV negative | FIV negative | FIP negative | SMA N/N | PKD N/N | HCM MybPC3 A31P (swab) N/N
Mai 2012 HCM sonic negative | PKD sonic negative
01.08.2013 HCM sonic negative | PKD sonic negative | HD x-ray 2/3 G3

King Leo of Miriquidi Coons is a very tall and big Maine Coon male cat with a very pretty face, a strong chin and nice tips.

LEO is the adorable charmeur of our cattery Maine Coon Castle. He used to move free in his childhood through our house and has a lock on our group. Leo is talking all the time and mostly very vocal. He developed into a very dominant male cat, who carves of his territory. More and more he got in trouble with the other neuters, so we decided to built a new house for our cats with more free access. Since October 2011 Leo and his cats live there and are very comfortable with this situation. King LEO developed into a dream cat.

27.08.2013 Update:
We went to the castration today. My blue boy is also a neuter now. It was a very difficult decision for me. All started with King Leo. Because of this wonderful and strong cat we got inspired to built up our own cattery. Because of my position as a breeder I can not ignore the last HD radiographs – unfortunately not suitable for breeding. Dear Leo – nevertheless you are our hero.

21.12.2013 Update:
The plan was to integrate Leo into our group of potent cats. But the ladies were very rude and Leo do not want to defend himself. He was a very good „uncle“ for our kitten, but there were always that problems with the female cats. Forever alone in my office seems to be no good solution for my pail and companion. It was also a hard decision and we tried a lot, but Leo and his little friend Campino are leaving our house today. They both are very good friends and Campino loves his Uncle Leo since he was a little kitten.

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