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Gr. International Premior Contessa Tala-Minowis

first name: Lea | Pedigree / Pawpeds | status: neuter
day of birth: 29.Januar 2011 | color: Blue | MCO a
mother: Top Coon Laila | father: Pillowtalk's Fair Play

health status

FeLV negative | FIV negative | HCM MybPC3 A31P (swab) HCM/N (heterozygous)
18.08.2016 HCM sonic: negative | PKD / liver sonic: negative

Contessa Tala-Minowis, called Lea, is the model of our pretty Maine Coons cats.

She was the smallest cat compared with her brothers and sisters and we had a lot of difficulties to feed her in the first time. King Leo did everything possible and was very bothered about this little girl.

Today Lea is an adorable, spirited and passionate Maine Coon. She is very socialized, has a wonderful gentle character and earns a lot of esteem in the group. Her appearance is breathtaking with her long body and these beautiful long legs. She has also a fur which is easy to clean, a long hairy tail, great big ears and a cute face.

Unfortunately we had to castrate Lea before she had the opportunity to have kitten.

Lea is „Daddy´s little girl“ and knows some commands. With a variety of facial expressions and a lot of different sounds she is able to speak to their owners. I have never heard a normal „meow“ out of her mouth. Lea developed into a very dominant cat and took the role oft he leader in her group. As good old „Aunt Lea“ she is very anxious about the kitten and take care oft hem. So she supports our mother cats with her exorbitant protective instinct.

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The Boss of Maine Coon Castle. My Lea!7 years and 2 months old
7 years and 2 months old
5 years and 10 months old
5 years and 10 months old
5 years and 5 months old
3 years and 9 months old
3 years old
2,5 years old. Summer 2013
Easter Queen 2013
2 years old
2 years old
Cattery Maine Coon Castle
Contessa Tala Minowis
Contessa Tala Minowis
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Primor Contessa Tala Minowis
Lea im schicken OP Body
Leo schmust mit SEINER kranken Lea
Contessa Tala Minowis
Champion Contessa Tala Minowis
Lea als Model
Champion Contessa Tala Minowis
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Contessa Lea 7 Monate alt
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