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Healthcare at Maine Coon Castle

The cattery Maine Coon Castle was given the permission (keeping, trading and breeding of animals) by the veterinarian department in Pirna. You can read that in the law of animal welfare §11. As a breeder for Maine Coon cats we know our responsibility toward our animals.

Our cats are frequently checked by our veterinarian in Pirna. We issue a blood count for our potent cats to get to know their values (kidneys and liver) and other changes. So we can analyze every single cat. The cats for breeding are all examined to kitty flu, FeLV and FIP. We conduct different examinations about fungal attack or other skin diseases and also examinations of their excrement (Giardien).

Our examinations are made by Dr. med.vet. Popp in the medical clinic for small animals or pets. We attach a lot of importance to examinations of HCM, PKD and medical ultrasonics of a cat’s liver. Also diagnostic findings about HD (hip oft he cat) is very important to our breeding. The radiographies are assessed by Mr. Lars Audell from Sweden since 2014.

Genetic testings for HCM, SMA, PK (Pyruvatkinase Defizienz) are compulsory. We know about the different opinions about genetic testings, but we think that a breeder necessary should know about the genetic status of his animal. We DO NOT think that a heterozygous testing should be the crucial factor to exclude this cat from breeding. It is very usefull to receive valuable blood lines.
When we get cats from other breeders it was possible to get nearly all documents about HCM testings of the parental cats. They were all inconspicuous. We do not have medical testings about PKD or HD of the parents.

On behalf of health of our Maine Coons we look about the advices of Pawpeds.
Since a long time I used to send my radiographs to Sweden and get clinical findings in reference to HD by Mr. Lars Audell. The results were always the same to Dr. Popp’s ones. Since Mr. Per Eksell establishes the clinical findings there are significant differences. I contacted PawPeds often and asked for explanations of my findings. I thought about a changing of the generel criteria or whether Mr. Eksell could have made a mistake. In my position as a breeder I need competent and reliable results to make a decision for my cattery. Since today I did not get an answer and I decided to end up my cooperation with PawPeds. I lost my trust in their competence. But nevertheless my cats will be always checked up before breeding with them.

For our cats it is necessary to fulfill the following criteria:
HCM genetical testing: female cat - heterozygous (depends on the line) | male cat – N/N
SMA genetical testing: female cat – N/N | male cat – N/N
PK genetical testing: heterozygous (depends on the line)
PKD sonography: female cat – negative | male cat - negative
HCM sonography: female cat – negative | male cat – negative
HD radiography: female cat – depends on the line until G2 | male cat – until G1

A short explanation for HD (hip dysplasia) in relation to Maine Coon cats:
A hip dysplasia is heritable on cats, so couples of genes are affected. Two cats, which are not suffering from this illness, can have kitten which develop a hip dysplasia. Also descendants, from two cats with a hip dysplasia, can be not concerned from this illness. For this reason every generation of breeding cats should be analyzed to minimize this risc. Geneticists gave the advice to select cats for breeding very well. It is not meaningful all cats with a HD exclude from breeding.
Explanation of our results (HD radiography results on the left / right side):
0: negative, no noticeable problems
B: borderline case  - no complete structure, but no dysplasia
G1: degree 1 - a gentle form of dysplasia
G2: degree 2 - moderate affected hip
G3: degree 3 – dysplasia suffering hip

You will find the actual results on the different tests on every cat’s page.

For requests by other breeders we have all results in the form of PDF. We will  allocate them to you if you need any results.

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