• Cattery Maine Coon Castle

cat house and open air enclosure

Our Maine Coon King Leo does not spray. At least, he doesn't do it in our house!

Leo was getting older, he was becoming more pubescent. His voice became stronger and.... hey, what is that smell? Leo is spraying?! Of all things, he decided to share his new skill with me in my office. We tried many different methods to prevent him from spraying. The most successful one we found, was buying him a litter box. Leo has never sprayed in my office again. However, every other male cat made Leo meow and spray at all of the other doors and walls.

So we made up our minds and we decided to make reality out of the name "Maine Coon castle." We build a heated cat house with an open air enclosure.

Now our Maine Coons have been living there since October 20th, 2011 and it seems that they find it very comfortable.

After some experiences with bad weather and a hard winter, we decided to reconstruct our open air enclosure. At first we changed the bark mulch with a weather- proofed covering. Second we redesigned the upper level by growing grass. Third, the roof was covered with roots from the heath. The material is not rain or wind proofed but it provides very good sun protection. Small weather proofed cabins give our cats the possibility to stay outside when it rains or snows. All in all, our cats love our "movie theater." There is always something to watch.

The order of the sleeping places in our cat house changed. Our Maine Coons love to play with each other and therefore they should have the opportunity to have their own refugium. As a result, there is much more peace and harmony between the cats.

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